I’ve seen a lot of business projections – from two lines on a napkin to spreadsheets with 50+ tabs. Some businesses think of them as a chore while others overkill it.

So, Business Projections – Why Bother? Because, properly done, they are an essential tool:

1. Great Benchmark – Forecasts can be an easy to use, practical benchmark that help achieve goals and identify risks early.

2. Better Financing Results – A good set of forecasts sets you apart in the eyes of a lender resulting in better loan terms! Lenders get your story!

Plus, if you know your business and keep it simple, they aren’t hard to do! Definitely easier than picking Melbourne weather.

If you need help with business projections, we can recommend someone good to help you with that. Contact us hereĀ https://capoptions.com.au/contact-us/



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